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First Time Buyer

We have access to the lenders with the best rates in this market
Terms of up to 35 years and mortgages up to 90% of the purchase price.

We will guide you through your first mortgage application from start to finish and explain the entire process in a straight forward jargon free manner.

The approval of your application begins with us. By using our expertise your case will be well prepared and properly presented giving it a much greater chance of success.

We have over 30 years combined experience and a successful track record in attaining the right mortgage approval for our First Time Buyer clients.

What is the Application Process?

1. Click on the Apply Now! link opposite and complete/submit the Online Mortgage Application form.

2. We will review the form and contact you to discuss what mortgage amount you are likely to qualify for based on our initial calculations on the information you provided. This may involve some more pre-qualifying questions.

3. Once we are satisfied that you can qualify for the mortgage, we can move to a full application. This is where the real work begins!  We will inform you what documents you will need to gather to complete an application. If required, we are happy to meet you in our office here in 18 Fitzwilliam Sq South, Dublin 2 or a convenient place of your choosing. 

4. We will then assemble and present your application in the most favorable manner with a view to obtaining a formal Approval in Principle. Once we submit your case to a lender there will be a credit bureau check carried out and the lender will assess the application. This process can take up to two weeks. The lender will liaise with us regarding any queries that may arise. We charge a fee of €100 on formal submission and a further €250 on receipt of a formal loan offer. 

5. Your approval in Principle document will be sent to you once it is issued. This will outline any conditions that may have to be met although we will ensure that these should be minimal. 

6. Once you have located a suitable property we will arrange a valuation report on behalf of the lender. The lender’s valuer will charge you a fee, normally €130, for this report. Once the report goes to the lender your formal Loan Offer should follow within a week. 

7. Your Loan Offer will contain certain conditions that must be met. We will advise you on all of these conditions including the appropriate Mortgage Protection and Home Insurance Cover. We will also liaise with your solicitor and lender to ensure that you have a smooth mortgage drawdown. 

We will guide you through the entire process from initial query to successful drawdown!

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We are all time precious these days so we have made our process quick & easy.

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